Figures At Dawn
Figures At Dawn
Figures At Dawn

I Will Not Follow

album: Figures At Dawn
genre: Pop
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TelevisionIt's on crusadeThere's a man whoShakes and sweatsBefore you thinkYou've got the messagePay your wayTo Heaven's gateAnd he getsSo excitedScreaming...
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Good tune for an election year. We recorded this song for the album, but had to cut it from the vinyl due to time. The original mix was released on the CD. I...
I Will Not Follow
Figures At Dawn
05/20/22 10:17:03PM @figures-at-dawn:
Thanks Farrell!
Farrell Jackson
05/20/22 01:06:00PM @farrell-jackson:
Another cool song from FaD! A great mix Paul! The music reminds me a little of Men At Work, but with a better singer. Well done!


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