Forever Neo
Forever Neo

Road To Nowhere

album: A New Day
genre: Instrumental Rock
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Road To Nowhere
09/23/10 09:30:55AM @cooter:
I'm diggin this song, Kevin. You have a great sense for melody, to my ears. Nicely done.
03/27/09 03:42:24PM @mark-reed:
This piece pulls you into it. The backing is solid and very well worked. The guitar melody line is simple yet memorable. That for me makes this piece a stand out achievement. This really is a cracker, thoroughly enjoyed this one well done
Forever Neo
03/11/09 09:42:27AM @forever-neo:
Your making me blush Jim!
I have been told that my music would blend well with movie work.
I guess I tend toward the dramatic?
Thanks again Jim!

Forever Neo
03/10/09 06:24:25PM @forever-neo:
Thanks Reaper, I had alot of fun with this track!
I normally listen to hard rock and metal, but tend to
write softer more melody driven soft rock.
Go figure?
I am trying to move into that genre and explore the
heavier side of me that is waiting it's turn to come out!
One I am currently working on is called "Dark Water".
Heaviest I've done thus far!
Thanks for taking the time to review my stuff!

03/17/09 06:28:12PM @digger-stone:
brother, i am very impressed with you sound! it's well thought out! and real heavy! i am soooooo down with that! the opening to this song is cool as hell!
you just keep jammin man, all the best!

digger stone


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