Forever Neo
Forever Neo

Thicker Than Water

album: A New Day
genre: Instrumental Rock
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I was inspried to write "Thicker Than Water" after a visit from my Brother, Sister 'n' Law and my Grand Neice. I haven't seen my family since I left Canada 8...
Thicker Than Water
09/23/10 09:36:36AM @cooter:
Beautiful song, Kevin. Once again your sense of melody is so interesting to me. Well written.
03/11/09 03:09:53PM @mark-reed:
Like the feel to this, the theme sticks in the mind. Nice piece well done
Forever Neo
03/11/09 09:37:34AM @forever-neo:
Thanks Chris!
Glad you liked it!

Chris Mahon
03/10/09 08:47:54PM @chris-mahon:
Hey there Neo! Very interesting and original piece here! I really like the guitar tones, and the melody! Very nice indeed. Thanks for sharing it! Regards, Chris
Forever Neo
03/10/09 06:18:31PM @forever-neo:
Thank you so much!
I really appreciate that!


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