Forever Neo
Forever Neo

Crossing the River Styx

album: A New Day
genre: Instrumental
streams: 39

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The River Styx is the final journey between life and death. This song is about that crossing. Close your eyes and feel the finality coming ever closer as...
Crossing the River Styx
03/17/09 10:19:42AM @mark-reed:
This has the mood to take you right there, forget the ferryman. Very nice piece. Great atmosphere and a super sense of purpose. Well composed and executed excellent work well done
Forever Neo
03/16/09 02:57:07PM @forever-neo:
Thanks Larry!
I appreciate that! Hope your shore is
a beautiful one!
Thanks for reviewing!

03/16/09 01:18:22PM @slowmarchingband:
Very mystical and ambient sounding. A musical journey for sure! FWIW - I see my 'shore' very clearly...

Well composed and played skillfully. This stirs up imagery in my mind. Loved it!

Forever Neo
03/16/09 09:37:12AM @forever-neo:
Thanks alot Jay!
I had these images in my head when I created this
song and it all seem to fit.
Tried for a cinematic effect feel.
Glad you liked it Jay, thanks for taking a listen!

03/16/09 08:31:07AM @the-autumleaf:
Nice Ambient the tones of guitars ....excellent playing
really love this
Jay from The Autumnleaf


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