Forge Hounds - Damned If You Don't

Duration: 00:04:33
“DAMNED IF YOU DON'T” is an upbeat, guitar driven composition, packing a great punch, and a melodic chorus that is hard to ignore. It is a song about survival, and how we try to navigate the peaks and troughs, of the society we live in.

“DAMNED IF YOU DON’T” was recorded and engineered by Brendan Carthy of Orchard Studios, Enniscorthy, Mixed and Mastered by Frankie McClay, of Einstein Studios, Antrim, with the supporting video shot at Electric Avenue in Waterford by Colin Shanahan, of Digicol Photography and Media Productions.

“DAMNED IF YOU DON’T” will be released on Friday 2nd of December 2022, and can be pre-ordered on platforms such as iTunes and Amazon Music from Friday 18th November.


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