Frankfurt Dialog Company
Frankfurt Dialog Company

Closing time

album: All things
genre: Pop
streams: 86

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Closing timePaul had a hole in his pocketDeep as the indian seaSue had a sore throatAnd asked herself „who on earth could i be“Systems fail and manSo all you...
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This is a song about the art of losing collab with Jerry Miller, Zone Music Inc: Featuring Stefan...
Closing time
03/31/10 11:29:44PM @digger-stone:
can't say that it's one thing in this piece. i like the way you guys put it all together... cool groove, has a kind of free flow vibe to it, wich is somhing i really like.

intrestingly good... if that maks any sence to you,


07/12/09 11:40:23PM @vesa:
Like that tablas or congas,spacey synth sound... very neat start, into a most lovely vocals. This move along so well arranged. Your singing has a great tone, range - very cool harmonies...the tasty guitar in the mid range is a very good addition, some flute so sweet. Great lyrics, good message, well sung. That flute just sends me, with a perfect selelcted string synth sound to accompany. This is a most relaxing song to listen to --a fave now, worth more listens. It's original,love it.WONDERFUL. Your singing is great
EXCELLENT composition...good sound mix & arranging.
-Your friend .- Vesa.

Lyrical Princess
03/05/09 12:58:50AM @lyrical-princess:
This is a very nice song with Beautiful vocals.. Nice easy flow to it.. Enjoyed listening to it.. Thank You .. All The Best, lonesome princess
11/29/08 11:04:22AM @tlt50:
Yea..... I'm loving this groove, excellent,with subtle vibes and listening pleasures. Very outstanding production.... the vocals work for me.... EXCELLENT !!!

all the best,

Larry T.....

11/28/08 01:40:18PM @dazed:
excellent vocals on here. mix sounds great so n complaints here!

I may not be following your conversation 100% but we will have conversion software installed in the next month or so. If you need to convert 320k to 192k download switch It is free and easy to use.

11/28/08 01:49:22PM @frankfurt-dialog-company:

11/28/08 02:23:15PM @saladin-de-tolosa:
That's a great tune. Fantastic voice(the tuner works fine) .Maybe the big flaminglipslike background is pushing the vox outside the band room. But I think this close vocal mix remains the right option : you avoid of delute vox in an artificial reberb space. Anyway I'm going to your page, it must be an interesting place.
11/28/08 11:51:36AM @frankfurt-dialog-company:
Hi Diego!

Vielen lieben Dank!

Habe absolut noch keine Ahnung von Mixposure. Mal sehen, ob ich damit klar komme!
Leider hab ich im Moment auch nur dieses eine 192er MP3, der Rest ist alles 320 und bei Soundclick. Da muss ich mal kraeftig rendern...

Gruss aus FFM


11/28/08 02:28:36PM @frankfurt-dialog-company:
Thanks lots, saladindetolosa. Obviously this is an interesting place, also for exchanging technical mix/master opinions! Much appreciated!


11/28/08 07:55:21PM @mike-kohlgraf:
Hallo Andreas und Gitte! Erst einmal ein HERZLICHES Willkommen zu Mixposure! It's simply the best Indie site on the planet!

To the song, what a vibe!!! I categorize this one into my fav funk/jazz genre. Just classy vocals by Gitte - I am always impressed by her! The arrangement is flawless as is the mix. I will be playing this tune on my show this weekend!

Once again, welcome Andreas & Gitte!


11/28/08 05:10:14PM @surfnorthwest:
Very nice, the backing track is good and compliments the vocals through the song. I hear Carly Simon here which is a good thing.
11/28/08 03:05:01PM @jelly:

11/28/08 06:01:48PM @chris-moore:
Calling Frankfurt - Real original voice on this. A real original song in fact - I was trying to imagine it without the voice, but that flute and the strings make the insrumentals stand out, and the lyrics are pretty interesting too. Great effort, hanks for he listen. Chris

Rob Grant
11/28/08 08:21:40PM @rayon-vert:
I'm SO GLAD you guys made it here. GREAT track and Silke's vox are TOPS as always. SUPER Production, love the flute solo. WELCOME TO MIXPOSURE!! :-)


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