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Mountains beyond mountains

album: All things
genre: Ballad
streams: 27

  Song Lyrics
mountains beyond mountainsI asked you just the other dayif there were brighter times aheadYou said I don´t knowbut what can we do insteadOf hoping and...
  Song Information
Mountains beyond mountains is a tale about survival, friendship, love, belief in hard times. Our friend Rob Grant is just out of the hospital, regains his...
Mountains beyond mountains
12/05/08 11:23:55AM @mark-reed:
Nice track, sweet backing, but for me the vocal performance drew this on to that next level. Great song with a very cool melody line. Nice work well done
12/04/08 06:58:45PM @mike-kohlgraf:
Hey Andreas, like I've told you guys before in another place, this is an awesome tune! Love the vocals and the arrangement... nice!!!



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