gary burris
gary burris
gary burris

From The Top

album: The Theories Of So Called Kings
genre: Acoustic
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  Song Information
This song was a collaborative effort With Jonathan Nicholson  off the Theories Of So Called Kings release                  ( From The Top)
From The Top
carol sue
02/22/21 03:57:22AM @carol-sue:
Exceptionally lovely!!
So very well played. Hope to hear more from you.
Great to see you here again, Gary. Welcome back!!
::encore:: *****

gary burris
02/18/21 09:51:30PM @gary-burris:
Again thank you so much Tony for giving this a listen
God bless.

tony cee
02/18/21 04:41:27PM @tony-cee:
smooth chilled song gary , love it fine guitar work [superb] ..... cheers tony cee
gary burris
02/16/21 09:13:20PM @gary-burris:
Thanks you Eric. actually I have been playing close to 40 years I guess better update my profile I started playing back in the fall 1980 i guess math was never my strong hand LOL. anyway I have been on Mixposure since 2008 i was pretty active from 2008 to around 2011 but have not been real active these last few years I was really trying to pursue a career in music but just got burned out kind of walked away from guitar and music all together I asked my self why am I doing this? I was chatting With Todd he just bought a new Les Paul standard he more or less asked me when you going to post up some music? So here I am trying to get acquainted with every body here on Mixposure again. I decided I need to do music for fun I kind of lost my way I will get some more music up here in the future thanks again Eric for the kind review.
02/16/21 06:57:56PM @bad-love-junkie:
Gary this is just beautiful! I was reading that you've been playing guitar for about 28 years and it is obvious that you know your way around a guitar. You style is so expressive and it really spoke to me. Love it!


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