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Mornings Promise

album: Morning's Promise
genre: Acoustic
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This is another collaborative effort with my good friend Jonathan Nicholson this was title track  from our First Cd Mornings Promise from our acoustic duet...
Mornings Promise
carol sue
02/22/21 04:31:41AM @carol-sue:
To close the eyes.. and just float away while listening.
Heavenly journey of beautiful acoustic sounds. I love it!
Bravo *****

gary burris
02/18/21 09:08:18PM @gary-burris:
Thank You so much Regina, Farrell, Waveman and Tony. I have to say and I was little afraid of posting this song up that it might mislead every body this is duet Not just my self but also Jonathan Nicholson who is an amazing acoustic artist so all these songs played on the guitar and recorded was not over dubbed there were 2 guitar parts I had been a solo acoustic player for many years as well as Jonathan we wanted to create music that the whole of the sum was greater then its parts and I think we accomplished what we set out to do The Rising Tide was an amazing four year ride a partnership that defined us both as guitar players and song writers Jonathan Nicholson is more of a brother to me than he is a friend in my heart he is family a brother from another mother in 40 years of playing I have never had such an amazing working relationship with another musician everything that you would hear is 100% co written from intro to outro and everything in between Consequently Jonathan has a page on Mixposure with some of his solo acoustic work you can listen to it all though he has not been active on
Mixposure for quite a while I think it still qualifies as a collaboration with another artist on Mixposure there is another song I posted up couple days back called From The Top same scenario its me and Jonathan all that said thanks for the awesome reviews and taking a moment and lending an ear to what we created kind regards to all.

tony cee
02/18/21 04:16:22PM @tony-cee:
beautiful guitar work , gary love the feel you get fantastic tune love it deserves song of the week . thumbs up from me ......cheers tony cee
Queen Regina
02/18/21 01:18:14PM @queen-regina:
So beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous acoustic guitar solo. I love it.
Farrell Jackson
02/18/21 12:33:51PM @farrell-jackson:
Truly beautiful playing here's a wonderful morning
02/18/21 08:28:52AM @waveman:
same story here when I get up north to the cottage and enjoy the morning tea on the porch, the silence out of the city always makes me feel this way. I like how the strings catch that little acoustic run down, wonderful and calmly played tune.


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