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Gary Dabrowski
Gary Dabrowski


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genre: BLUJAZI
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da da da da da da da dadadadada etc.
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Composition written and all instruments (on the Korg Kronos 88) performed by Gary Paul Dabrowski (©2018 All Rights Reserved)...the background painting is...
Gary Dabrowski
08/20/18 04:37:43PM @gary-dabrowski:
Larry...thanks for your comments, and glad ya like it! have my playing remind one of Jimmy Smith and/or Joey De Francesco is a compliment to the nth degree!...I was awestruck when I heard J.S. as a teen (and still am) and made a goal 'I wanna learn to play as good as him'...that goal is unreachable for me, but I do acknowledge his influence rubbed off on me...
Gary Dabrowski
08/20/18 04:19:35PM @gary-dabrowski:
Ron...glad ya like it!...and yes, you're right about an earlier (first) version and this one...I wasn't happy with the mix on the first, deleted it, then replaced it with this re-mastered version...I'm also glad you noticed the difference...thanks!
08/20/18 05:41:39AM @ronbowes:
Love this jazzy bluesy groove. I think I heard an earlier version of this. This sounds smoother.
08/20/18 12:02:07AM @tlt50: the bass lines you create, very awesome Gary. The organ patch is fantastic with some killar' lics, Jimmy Smith, Joey D. vibes, superb playing. All your other instrumentation fits right into the groove.
Excellent ***** :)

Larry T.


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