Gary Dabrowski
Gary Dabrowski
Gary Dabrowski


album: N/A
genre: JAZZ
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creation date: 2018-09-20

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da dada da dada da dada da etc.
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a tribute to Charles Earland 'The Mighty Burner'...all instruments by 'yours truly', performed on the Korg Kronos 88
Gary Dabrowski
04/29/23 11:05:12PM @gary-dabrowski:
Bustert...thanks for listening and your comment!
04/25/23 04:26:15PM @bustert:
Crazy Jazz- like it!
Gary Dabrowski
04/13/21 08:54:21AM @gary-dabrowski:
Jim...thanks for listening and your comment!
04/12/21 07:07:22PM @jimsae:
Oh this is excellent! Has a Bill Black's Combo vibe when it starts up... then goes to many more cool places!
Gary Dabrowski
03/13/19 07:41:01AM @gary-dabrowski:
Larry...thanks for listening and your comments...this was inspired by one of my 'organ grinder' heros Charles Earland (RIP), and is my take on one of his songs...
03/12/19 07:54:16PM @tlt50:
Killar' chops Gary. Great choices for your instrumentation. Of course, I really enjoyed when the Hammond patch came aboard. Then the guitar................excellent, well done :)
Gary Dabrowski
03/11/19 07:43:00PM @gary-dabrowski:
Ron B...thanks for listening and your comment!
03/11/19 11:23:05AM @ronbowes:
Very cool Gary. Nice 'n' snazzy jazz. Like it when the brass sound comes in.


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