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Another version of mine of the Jimi Hendrix song...all instruments (except drums) and vocal by yours truly... 
Gary Dabrowski
09/22/22 07:51:06PM @gary-dabrowski:
Shane...thanks for listening and your comments/compliments...I'm glad you like it!
09/22/22 12:22:47PM @shane:
still quite like your result here. The song has it's own spot in the kaleidoscope of music and vinyl visions. Your vocal is great . yep , thumbs up
Gary Dabrowski
07/30/22 02:54:35PM @gary-dabrowski:
janeway...thanks for listening and your comments...I'm glad you like it!...Jimi wrote some pondering songs, this one about the day of being resurrected from the dead (but not today)!...of course it is God who will perform this, but probably angels will assist in the process!...whoa!
07/30/22 05:34:35AM @janeway:
Ii'm always so busy , i don't catch a lot of song posts here or anywhaer. This morning, grabbing a chance to catch up with what you've been posting. This number is just delightful. I never heard the original from Hendrix, so for me, the original is Gary Dabrowski version. Fact is, your sound and uniquiness here makes me just have to hear it again. Nice voice and singing character. definite like.
Gary Dabrowski
07/13/22 04:51:08PM @gary-dabrowski:
Farrell...thanks for listening and your comments!
Farrell Jackson
07/13/22 11:11:23AM @farrell-jackson:
This is quite a different take on Jimi's song, Angel. You have put your own stamp on it. The doubled vocals effect sounds cool Gary. Nicely done.


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