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Gary Dabrowski
Gary Dabrowski


album: N/A
genre: DOO WOP
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creation date: 2022-11-07

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written by the three members of the doo-wop group Shep and the Limelights...James 'Shep' Sheppard, Clarence Bassett, and Charles Baskerville. The group...
Gary Dabrowski
11/09/22 04:59:33PM @gary-dabrowski:
Rich...thanks for listening and your comment!...I was a kid when this was a hit too
11/09/22 01:45:09PM @lodato:
I remember this was a hit when I was a kid. You captured the great spirit of doo-wop.
Gary Dabrowski
11/09/22 12:37:46PM @gary-dabrowski:
Jim...thanks for listening and your comment! ...glad you like it
11/09/22 09:29:48AM @jimsae:
Wow, this one takes me back, Gary! You do such a great job on these doo-wop tracks!
Gary Dabrowski
11/08/22 07:07:18PM @gary-dabrowski:
Farrell...thanks for listening and your comment!
Farrell Jackson
11/08/22 05:44:37PM @farrell-jackson:
A very cool version of this song by Shep and The Limelights. Great doo-wop vocals Gary!


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