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Gary Dabrowski
Gary Dabrowski


album: N/A
genre: BLUJAZI
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creation date: 2023-08-09

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my tribute to Ramsey Lewis (died September 12, 2022,aged 87) who recorded this song in 1965, written by Billy Page...all instruments performed by 'yours...
Gary Dabrowski
08/12/23 11:13:31PM @gary-dabrowski:
Rob Grant......thanks for listening and your comment!...I'm glad ya like it!...I loved it when this song came on the commercial AM radio station I listened to as a was so different than anything else they played, and was probably my introduction to jazz.
Rob Grant
08/12/23 04:32:27PM @rob-grant:
Love this song. Piano is so fine. Excellent tribute.throughout my life I’ve had favorite musical styles, but jazz is probably my most hidden and again, I always loved “The In Crowd”❤️
Gary Dabrowski
08/10/23 11:51:07AM @gary-dabrowski:
Hi Carol Sue...thanks for listening and that compliment!...I'm glad ya like it!
carol sue
08/10/23 04:59:12AM @carol-sue:
Hi Gary,
I've come to believe you can do anything in music!
You are blessed with oodles of talent my friend.
Another track goodie~ got me moving!
:) Woohoo!! *****


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