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creation date: 2023-12-09

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'Take Five' is a jazz standard composed by Paul Desmond. It was first recorded in 1959 by the Dave Brubeck Quartet. Frequently covered by a variety of...
Gary Dabrowski
12/16/23 10:03:58PM @gary-dabrowski:
Eric...thanks for your kind words...I'm glad ya like it!
Eric Saitz
12/16/23 08:06:58PM @eric-lee-saitz:
Hi Gary love, love, loving this. I enjoy hearing good jazz and I do hope you post more in this style


Gary Dabrowski
12/15/23 06:32:33PM @gary-dabrowski:
Farrell..thanks again for listening and your comment...glad ya like it!...every now and then thru the years I would mess around with this one, so I decided to record it.
Farrell Jackson
12/15/23 01:30:15PM @farrell-jackson:
I remember this song playing on the radio in the early 1960s...I'm showing my age. Your rendition of it is excellent Gary! You handled the 5/4 timing perfectly. I remember playing along on guitar and then thinking wait a minute, he just missed the 4/4 timing mark, lol. Well done Gary!
Gary Dabrowski
12/15/23 10:34:56AM @gary-dabrowski:
Carol Sue...thanks for your kind words...I'm glad ya like it!
carol sue
12/15/23 07:33:38AM @carol-sue:
Fantastic rendition, Gary!
I've always shied away from doing cover tunes, but not you~
You're just amazing at it! I do believe you can do any song.
Stay incredible, my talented friend... you are simply awesome!! *****

Gary Dabrowski
12/11/23 07:55:35AM @gary-dabrowski: glad ya like it brother...thanks!
Rob Grant
12/10/23 07:40:59PM @rob-grant:
Out of sight, brother!! Seriously good version. I know the song from my record store days. Dave Brubeck was a big player. Great job❤️
Gary Dabrowski
12/10/23 02:28:49PM @gary-dabrowski:
Jim...thanks again for listening and your comment...glad ya like it!
12/10/23 09:45:54AM @jimsae:
Wow, a very cool rendition, Gary D! Outstanding!


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