Gary Reed
Gary Reed


genre: Rock
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 Verse1 Love me tonightI'm twisted and bended I am not allright Tuck me away Tell me those hard things no one else will say There's holes in the mirror I...
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This was a hard song to write (or at least to share). It speaks of my struggles with alcohol. It's been a few years since I got help and stopped drinking....
10/13/10 07:24:45AM @josephrodz:
Great composition and it will spin at THE METAL MASTER SHOW!
09/07/10 07:35:07PM @cooter:
When a song comes from the heart, it shows. And I see your heart all over this tune, Gary. Thank you for sharing, good sir.
08/17/10 12:10:43PM @mark-reed:
The message here is important and you put it over in a positive way. Think many of us here can empathize with the story. Tremendous piece of music, may you continue to find your way.

All the best

08/17/10 03:20:19AM @spud:
Your lyric and vox in this are great...the firm beat and smooth guitar match bring it all together for a great sounding tune. Me likey.

08/17/10 06:30:26PM @bilbozo:
What a great rock song. All the key elements are there...and a worthy song to convey that important message. Congratz on an excellent tune and a pleasureful listen. - Bilbozo
08/18/10 07:32:36AM @mel:
Gary, this is a wonderful song! Super lyrics from the heart with great instrumentals! Vocals are really GREAT! Thank you for sharing the reasons for the words of which will touch many. A great listen! Wishing you well, Melsi


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