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Gary Shukoski's Christmas Page

O' Holy Night

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O' Holy Night
Gary Shukoski
12/14/18 11:59:42PM @gary-shukoski:
Thank you Toni, Shane, and Lare! Can't believe this has already been up for 2 years now!
12/20/16 11:47:36PM @tlt50:

Remarkable..........brilliant guitar work.. I really enjoy your Christmas music. All the best !!

Larry T

12/13/16 05:53:48AM @shane:

innovative electric guitar leads in this.  It sounds like you've composed a double lead there ,  or perhaps its a double lead effects unit.

12/13/16 05:51:44AM @shane:

I recognize The intro of this  as Away in The manger-  and moves seamlessly into O Holy Night.  Your Nylon string guitar sounds really nice !

Barefoot Music
12/09/16 07:56:56AM @barefoot-music-group:

Sublime. My mama's favorite and since her passing has become mine.

Gary Shukoski
11/24/16 11:41:30PM @gary-shukoski:
Thanks a million Bill and Ron! Means a lot coming from you guys!
11/24/16 11:07:08PM @the-truevulgarians:

Very nice Gary... O Holy Night is my absolute favorite Christmas song which I enjoy singing every Christmas.  U da man!

10/03/16 02:49:03PM @ron-dadey:

Soooo awesome my friend!!! Gary you continue to amaze me Bud!!


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