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Gary Shukoski's Christmas Page

Christmas Medley

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Christmas Medley
Gary Shukoski
12/14/18 11:54:58PM @gary-shukoski:
Thank you Toni, Shane, and Tricia! Haven't been around much and didn't notice this song/page had gotten comments.
12/13/16 05:48:36AM @shane:

Delightful creation Gary! Your rendition of Christmas carol themes is highly appreciated ..

Barefoot Music
12/09/16 07:49:32AM @barefoot-music-group:

This!!!! You took me back to every emotion I remember as a child during the magical season of Christmas Gary. Thank you!

Gary Shukoski
11/25/16 12:31:06AM @gary-shukoski:
Thanks Ron and thanks Farrell! I noticed you have some holiday stuff up yourself there!
Farrell Jackson
11/22/16 12:25:50PM @farrell-jackson:

I just noticed that you had some Christmas music up. This is an excellent Christmas melody Gary with some fine guitar work!


10/04/16 06:58:55AM @ronbowes:

Very nice ;-)


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