Grand Jury
Grand Jury

Coming Home

album: Soft Attack
genre: Reggae
streams: 131

Coming Home
05/21/09 01:09:44PM @baracasa:
i really love this song, great production
05/06/09 01:42:45PM @vesa:
Time to have a listen to a reggae, been the vocals, so lovely, good range. Neat guitar backup, complimenting so well. This has a great arranging. I dig the rhythm and like the way the synth efx. once inawhile pop into the musical realm. Great song. Most well produced. Great percussion. Sweet guitar, most tastefully played.
EXCELLENT composition. Love it. Worth more listens.
Into my reggae faves.
Thanks for the pleasure. -Vesa.

04/05/09 10:30:45AM @blue-sahara:
Great reggae-based pop song with a lovely lead vocal. The guitar work is superb. Very enjoyable, indeed. Great production!

Lyrical Princess
04/04/09 12:39:13PM @lyrical-princess:
Another Beautiful song.. Love Amy's vocals.. And the great lyrics.. Wonderful job all the way around.. All The Best, LP


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