Gabriel Sabadi - Taking It Back

album: Gabriel Sabadi
genre: Progressive Rock
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Gabriel Sabadi - Taking It Back
10/07/08 11:11:13PM @gabriel-sabadi:
A very humble thank you to all again !!!!!


10/07/08 12:04:08AM @ace-layton:
Most impressive textural soundscape of fantastic imagery and sonic exploration. Love KED's flowing guitar leads too! And all pulled together into a rich tapestry of unique audio delights. Stirring, dynamic, engaging and all produced with such a wonderful flair. Thanks for sharing!


10/05/08 11:20:30PM @tlt50:
Gabe..... You know , I think this is fantastic. Just great hearing you talk about yourself and your music :-). I loved this song from the very first bar..... exceptional and creative musical mastery. The change with the bass lead in, was killar', my friend. Ked's guitar,,,, phenomenol. What can I say..... ?? Brillant!!!

larry *****

10/05/08 11:17:18AM @gabriel-sabadi:
Thank you so much again friends. This really was a blast to do. A special thanks to Larry as well for picking my spotlight song for me. I had absolutely no idea which song to use hence my lack of the song intro. Glad I didn't bore you guys to tears with my rambling lol.


10/05/08 09:43:23AM @steph-klish:
Getting to know about the artist behind the music is always great .
This is a solid epic sounding work of art Gabe
Love the low end chorus sound in the back ground set things off .
Great lead work with a cool acoustic sound in front.
Love it .
Thanks for sharing

10/04/08 03:02:46PM @wrightdude:
Very nice! Love the Howe-ish feel in the intro! This piece coulda been the fifth side to "Tales".... very nice!
10/04/08 03:01:32PM @test200:
hi Gabe, cool getting to hear a little about yourself, and a touch of canuck in ya aaay!
I'm diggin the opening, has a progressive exotic feel to it. glorious. The break into the rockier section is huge, has a nice movement and Keds guitar throughout is amazing and filled with style. This track is just so musical, cool the way the theme weaves its way around the song, big production value here for sure..excellent.

10/04/08 06:05:01AM @ab1:
great hearing your voice gabriel.. makes us all a bit less virtual.. the background floydian jam is lovely.. i like you better than dave gilmore man.. you know me gabe.. now I know a bit more about you too.. yes i agree.. the goal is that unclimbed route.. seeing the line nobody else did.. wow that is some change.. bubbly and poppy.. major modal extravaganza.. love the half time beat that makes it so funky.. country pentatonic.. lovely.. then we get a striaght ahead rock a bit fusion like kickass jam.. got several solo guitars in there all contributing to a nice somethimes dissonant environment.. majoar reasserts itself and were into the next groove.. still straight ahead with lots of drive.. nice drum beat again.. again fusiony.. nice high guitar solo line fades in and again out.. man gabe.. how many jams in one song?.. ah.. just a lovely acoustic (v guitar?) outro.. that's all.. lol.. what a cornicopia of classic fusion and rock idioms.. really demonstrated what you described in your monolgue.. love the jams brother.. gonna inspire me.. cheers.. :-)
10/04/08 12:29:44AM @dazed:
Like the mini spots! Love the way this one sounds guys. Keys and guitar work are just killer. I would almost say a masterpiece because this just sounds fantastic. Who is doing the acoustic guitar or is that some keys? Sounds like a tapping technique but with your skills Gabe I never know what you are doing most of the time. Brilliant guys!!
10/05/08 05:11:37PM @david-c-deal:
I am simply blown away by the full power of this recording. Even on the low fidelity download it explodes in three dimensions. Your performance techniques are far beyond my capability of commenting on, other than WOW. This is a truly incredible recording. I will need to listen to allot more of your stuff, that is for sure.
Dave Deal

10/03/08 10:40:39PM @grandprogrock:
Gabriel, Wish I could have heard your monologue a little better. Last time I heard this song I believe it was incomplete, but I could tell it would be a real winner. This is a fantastic tune, very engaging. I think it's my fave of yours. Beautifully produced and KED shines brightly in this very classy production. Pure enjoyment my friend!! ~Blake
10/04/08 02:38:10PM @gabriel-sabadi:
Thank you all so much !!!
10/04/08 04:05:07AM @ab2:
Nice to hear something about you Gabriel...:-)Nice musical backdrop...Well done for the nomination back then..:-) 1980`s..:-)Always trying to reach for the stars...:-) they are soooooo high..:-)Ohhhhh wow....Now the very nice music...Has a kind of beatles feel to it, very appealing for sure...great "tabla" sounds...Love em...:-)This is really cool.. Then it changes to screaming guitars...They are wailing and have me running for cover..:-) Another change of style showing much creativity..This was very nice before breakfast..:-)

peace n love Mags :-)


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