The Emotional Arsonist (Demo Version)

album: Within This Foolish Heart
genre: Rock
streams: 114
creation date: 2011-11-25

The Emotional Arsonist (Demo Version)
11/29/11 08:29:08AM @cooter:
Heard this last night on Jims AE radio show. A masterful piece of work, Lindsey. A wonderful experience which I enjoy from the fir sound to the last. Love it.


11/28/11 04:35:30PM @bri-an:
i agree, this electro toon is laid out in search of an awe-some. The multi-faceted audio zones mingle the airwaves with a great deal of separation , and of it's original start up. End up going in a very theatrical direction...which means very limited pasteNplace that a lot of electronic music tends to be.
I Jammed with this, and enjoyed the "presence" thats created....demo mode of course.
Awesome finds a home GVE , this is gonna split some atoms when complete.


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