The Emotional Arsonist(Burn Unit Mix)

album: Within This Foolish Heart
genre: Rock
streams: 222
creation date: 2011-12-09

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This is the polished Final Version. Includes bits from 'Gentleman Perfer Blonds" , "Gilda" , "Bondage", "Charade", and a few other old movies (The Vintage...
The Emotional Arsonist(Burn Unit Mix)
12/15/11 07:19:13PM @n0mad23:
Not at all what I was expecting from the description. Actually really got me into the listen in a way I wouldn't have otherwise (resistance is futile).

Definitely the best listen I've had today, and probably all week. No surprise. You raise the bar and clear it consistently with every musical project.

Nice one!

Mista Perez
12/12/11 10:24:53AM @mista-perez:
My favorite of what I have listened to so far today. This had me at "hello". The intro got my attention real quick and the raw instruments took me to the night life.
05/31/13 10:30:36PM @mr-p:
Very well done. Love the build. Love the trip it takes me on. G to the rooovy man...Groovy indeed.

Mr. P


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