May I Be So Bold

album: Hart&Bowes
genre: Rock
streams: 126

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Well...Here we go! Hart&Bowes are back with another Brand New Studio Track called "May I Be So Bold"...This time we are stepped right out of the comfort...
May I Be So Bold
03/15/22 04:21:07PM @josephrodz:
Let get party boys!!!!!!!!
This is ready for a concert hall right now.
"Keep up the rocking work"

Farrell Jackson
03/15/22 01:19:01PM @farrell-jackson:
Well done H&B on this slightly new direction. A cool solo Rach. The keys sound excellent...it's radio ready boys!
Queen Regina
03/15/22 08:17:52AM @queen-regina:
Wow. Based solely on the title this was not what I was expecting.. this is a beautiful rock love song.. Great job guys.. I totally agree. This is possibly my new favorite. #Fabutastic #Hot2022Music #QueenReginaPickhit What's not to love when I look into your eyes...May I be so bold.....Beautiful Lyrics...


03/15/22 05:22:18AM @tristynleach:
excellent track guys, sounds like a hit from a movie has a very nostalgic and youthful feel and sound, really liked it so much so that i am playing it twice, nice work great vocals music everything
03/14/22 10:32:47PM @lodato:
Man, I think I have a new fav! This sounds like a hit!
03/14/22 09:56:37PM @lorne-reid:
Great job all!!! cool tune!


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