Ships That Pass In The Night

album: Hart&Bowes
genre: Rock
streams: 93
creation date: 2022-05-03

  Song Information
Here we are and very excited to share with you our Brand New Hart&Bowes track! Song is called "Ship That Pass In The Night" Featuring guest Vocalist...
Ships That Pass In The Night
Paul rainbird
05/15/22 10:18:56PM @paul-rainbird:
Excellent work Guys
05/10/22 05:13:42AM @tristynleach:
Enjoyed this rock ballad, has that epic scopions kind of rock drama to it, cool vocals , love the guitar , the piano was unexpected works well. and really liked the build on the later verses . nice work guys and gals
05/06/22 08:45:39AM @hart-bowes:
Thanks for listening @farrell-jackson. Much appreciated cuz ;-)
Farrell Jackson
05/04/22 10:01:15AM @farrell-jackson:
Excellent vocals Ron and Allison! I like this mellow side of H&B. It shows the versatility of the group. Well done everyone!


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