album: HEMI-Tone
genre: Instrumental Rock
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the GUITARS do the talking
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Inspired by TRANSFORMERSKED  all ryth guitars, lead guitar, bass guitar, drum programing, mixingLuay  GuitarLuay first guitar soloKED second gutiar soloLuay...
Incarnate Word
04/19/10 12:49:21PM @incarnate-word:
Man I remember when Rock used to sound this killer. great job man. excellent guitar skills from both of you. excellent job of taking the ball and running with it. great performance. great Job.
01/18/10 11:00:59PM @genghisken:
Wow this one doesn't waste any time getting down to business! Super jam, just a high energy adrenaline pumping ride all the way through! Glad I got to hear this on the Ride with Big Pete tonight!

12/26/08 01:40:04PM @mark-reed:
Have to say that was quick, Great backing and some smoke engulfed fretboards. Very nice work guys
10/20/08 08:34:34PM @luay-rifai:
I was privileged to work with KED on this tune, and to be part of one of his many great music projects.

One of the quickest collabs actually! We just went with the flow...

Thank you for listening and reviewing !

Actual conversation:
KED: "Luay..Just PLAY man :)"
Luay: "OKAY :)" (w/song attached)

10/20/08 01:14:16PM @test200:
rev it up!! here we go. Thumpin bass, sweet git riffs and 40mph over the limit...actually now we're doin 60mph over the limit. This is like a rock frenzy...dueling leads are spinning in space..wow!! my brain was just jolted out of its cage. unbelievable riffing talent..whoosh the double kick...kicks aaassss
10/20/08 07:01:26AM @dazed:
i had the pleasure of getting a sneak preview if this and was absolutely floored. That is some smoking guitar work guys! I agree with Jim on the bass and drums. Blistering man! Outstanding job Luay and Ked. This on is genius!
10/20/08 03:01:54AM @self-tort:
When those sparks fly they really fly. Wonderful platform laid down here with some really thumping bass and drums. Man, that snare's getting one heck of a work out. The lead work is out of this world. Soaring, flying, twisting, turning, heading off in all directions. Sensational work guys.



10/19/08 10:06:17PM @tlt50:
Smokin'..... killar' guitar work.... guys !! What a groove.... awesome bass and drums backing those fantastic guitars.... Exceptional track !!!
Larry T


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