Some powerfull wishes... I need today

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<p>Today.. right about now.1:07pm friday the 18th of July... my <strong>father in law</strong> is undergoing a tripple bypass heart&nbsp;sugury.&nbsp; My wife who is a nurse.. is there with her mother and her sister.. I have been keeping my mind strong and focusing all the power i can find.. to help my father in law thru this ordeal...</p>
<p>So i ask.. please.. use some of that amazing human power&nbsp;that we all have..&nbsp;and wish this man thru this rather frightening time of his life..</p>
<p>I know i have friends on Mixposure that i can count on to put the good vibe out..</p>
<p>Richard Emerson.. we are all with you.. all of us...</p>
<p>Thank you to my friends on Mixposure<br />KED</p>

07/24/08 01:28:43PM @ked-records:
this will be the last update on my father in law. I wish to thank all those who left kind messages of strength and support.
As i understand he will be out of the hospital as of Friday 25th. He was kept the extra time because of the posibility of a hosptial borne bacteria. He has been cleared of that and has had all tubes wires and monitors removed. Now its just rest and relax till he can play golf again probably in september if the Canadian winter will hold off..

Again my thanks for the support and care

07/19/08 11:50:28AM @tlt50:
Great news..........Ked. Best wishes and good vibes for a full recovery !!


07/18/08 11:50:08PM @vesa:
I am sending my best & will still be thinking of you & your father-in-law. -Take care & rest easy. -Vesa.
07/18/08 07:29:17PM @gabriel-sabadi:
You know I'm sending my vibes KED !!! It's gonna work out man, all WILL be good !!!!!


Luca Wulf
07/18/08 07:22:56PM @huge-artist:
My very best wishes mate to all concerned.
Keep strong!


07/18/08 05:04:38PM @tcp:
I'm on it KED!
07/18/08 08:26:33PM @bri-an:
I remember the concern you had with this months ago my friend....I hope all is good with the process!! I will be thinking of (him) you and family. :)
07/18/08 08:44:16PM @dazed:
I hope all is well for you and yours Ked. Let us know if we can do anything.
Luca Wulf
07/19/08 10:23:41AM @huge-artist:
That is good news mate.
Continued best wishes for a full and speedy recovery.
Keep strong.


07/19/08 08:59:43PM @ked-records:
An update!.. As of my last report from my wife, who by the way thanks you all for your support, Mr Emerson is doing well. He is actually sitting up and doing some prelim physiotherapy .. rather amazing considering it has only been a day or so.. I am most thankfull for all your support.. It means much to me .. in ways i could never explain

07/18/08 11:38:53PM @ked-records:
I thank you all folks... he came thru the surgury ok.. he is now resting comfortably under sedation and on a ventelator.. till some of the bleeding slows down a bit.. but the prognosis looks good
the next 48 hours are the most critical of times.. ie.. infection tissue rejection.. so.. its not over yet..

thank you again kind people.. im sure that energy you pushed his way. helped him


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