HiSQ & Minna Ora - The Story So Far

album: Flesh and Blood
genre: pop
streams: 36
creation date: 2024-04-28

  Song Lyrics
The Story So Far   (HiSQ and Minna Ora; music and lyrics Erkki Vuokila)   There once was a girl, there once was a lonely boy. The girl did have friends, but...
  Song Information
HiSQ with Minna Ora went back to the ‘80s in their newly released soft rock single, “The Story So Far.” Minna Ora’s sensual voice with a rock sound in...
HiSQ & Minna Ora - The Story So Far
05/02/24 12:45:46PM @mizieya:
love the storytelling in this song and the music is great nice vibe to it
tony cee
04/29/24 01:57:15PM @tony-cee:
this sounds really great , love the vocals and the backing . well mixed and produced , well worth the listen ......cheers tony cee
04/28/24 01:06:54PM @jimsae:
An amazing track, right here! The voices really stand out, proudly, and the arrangement, great performances all around! Thanks for sharing this!


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