album: Hydra Demo
genre: Prog-Metal
streams: 34
creation date: 2016-07-28

Ariels Attic
02/24/17 03:10:06PM @ariels-attic:
Awesome track!!! I see you guys couldn't keep em under 10 minutes either :)
07/28/16 07:21:10PM @josephrodz:
sounds killer and soft too!
Gary Shukoski
07/28/16 03:51:27AM @gary-shukoski:
This is a band I formed with my high school buddy Tony Diaz. We started a project in 1993ish and had a full band established by around 1995 (Negative Reinforcement) but as bands go, members came and went. It wasn't until about 2003 that we had all the pieces put together for the reformed "Hydra" in which we gigged throughout Riverside, San Bernardino, and Los Angeles counties starting in 2004 until our final demise in San Diego in 2007.


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