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Janet Levy Music

Don't You Tell Me

genre: Blues
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When I perform this one live I introduce it by saying: "If you know me, you'll laugh with the lyrics, If you don't know me...be warned..." This lyrics...
Don't You Tell Me
05/20/10 02:04:37PM @mark-reed:
Excellent song and a great performance all round. Loved it very well done
03/05/08 11:39:00AM @bluesydude:
Loved it!
11/29/07 12:49:32PM @michael-nunley:
Not a problem having attitude, when you bring as much to the table as YOU do.
Fun listen -
Super glad to have you on the site.

11/28/07 10:11:00PM @dazed:
Love the piano intro and the piano playing in general. Very well done. With this site not having a lack of blues guitarists I can really hear some great blues riffs being added to this :).

Good mix and vocals Janet.

Welcome to iMusicScene by the way!


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