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 HEY! When I play this back, after uploading, the speed is all wrong......does it sound like that out there??  "It's an oldie, but a goodie" Another live...
Roger Aldridge
08/20/19 10:41:23AM @roger-aldridge:
Janet, I like your vocals and sax style. Your voice has richness and depth. One problem I have with the recording is what the pianist is doing. I wish that he would have gone beyond basic root-position chords to have richer and more interesting harmonic voicings. That said, your voice wins the day.
09/17/10 07:17:44AM @mel:
Hi Janet, Really loved this! Moondance has always been a favourite of mine so it was lovely to hear you and your stunning rich vocals singing this. A really wonderful performance, super instrumentals, sax and piano together, grrrrreat! Wishing you well, Melsi
Rogers-Tennison Band
08/12/08 05:15:03PM @rogers-tennison-band:
I was bouncing around this afternoon and found this tune. This is really a sweet take on a classic. Really freakin' cool.
03/05/08 11:48:57AM @bluesydude:
This sounds great. Loved your voice and sax playing.
Janet Levy
11/29/07 07:20:16AM @janet-levy-music:
Hi Peter.

The high hat sound is some little effect or other that works with the touch sensitive keys on John's piano....not like a drum machine...oye, perish the thought!

I'll enquire with the "powers that be" about the licence and possible payment.

Thanks for your help and kind words.

Janet Levy
11/29/07 06:55:26AM @janet-levy-music:
Thanks for the imput Peter. ......Pardon my ignorance, but what does a licence entail and what does it do for the original artist?

Do I have to remove this file???? I don't want to do the wrong thing..... :(

Re Bass and drums, this recording is just me and the piano player...he's playing all Bass lines on the piano.


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