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Janet Levy Music

My Day

album: Vhoom Schwing
genre: Blues
streams: 73

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This song has quite a history and  was the foundation of the all girl band "Vhoom Schwing" Janet Levy - Sax & Vocals Alison Penney - Piano/Organ &...
My Day
Lady Dove
10/26/18 05:39:25PM @ladydove:
Lovin how ya bend it baby!
05/19/10 12:07:38PM @mark-reed:
Hiya, I just read the story behind this one. Dunno if you've posted any more of the tuned from that album, because this was excellent. A solid all round effort with some great performances. Enjoyed my listen to this one well done
11/29/07 08:39:57PM @dazed:
Enjoyed the tune Janet. Very elegant. Piano sounds fantastic as does the sax!


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