Jasmine Tea
Jasmine Tea

let the rain pour

album: Pouring Rain
genre: Alternative
streams: 177

let the rain pour
09/16/10 03:44:31PM @ml-jones:
Hi Jasmine,

As always your vox is sublime, no more to say!!


09/10/10 08:05:07PM @durod:
Great work Jasmine. Beautiful melody and your vocals are the icing on the cake.
09/10/10 02:17:26PM @eshar:
I really like acoustic tracks and hearing this make me wish more than ever that I could play, but sadly I can't. You have a beautiful voice and this is a beautiful song.
09/12/10 06:37:43AM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
Like CSK's tune above, the demo quality is part of the charm and this is about as charming and alluring as it gets - very much in that contemporary revival of folk music. ftlpope


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