Jasmine Tea
Jasmine Tea

as raindrops

album: whispers from my muse
genre: Alternative
streams: 182

as raindrops
03/15/16 09:59:09PM @hydrogen3:
Very Nice Jaz! :)
10/23/13 08:29:20PM @gordon-leed:
Marvelous song Jasmine. Your voice is rather unique. I've been away from the Mix for too long! I think you found the angel in your music and set her free...You have a great talent which seems to grow with every song I hear from you. Beautiful....
the soul provider
08/04/11 06:59:38PM @the-soul-provider:
gentle, tender and delicate sweet voice of an angel..that encapsulates you and makes you day dream...and bask inside her bliss filled voice..and the music..wraps your like a comfort blanket as well....simply perfect....


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