a painter sets sail

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genre: Acoustic
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creation date: 2010-12-04
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a painter sets sail
12/05/10 09:34:03AM @the-humps:
Nicely put together, loved your voice! You painted a wonderful picture with this song!! Wouldn't it be great to live on an island, your song tells a peaceful story, nicely done!
12/04/10 12:08:53PM @jbbutterfield:
thank u lp, i'm inspired by people like u!
cheers jbb

Lyrical Princess
12/04/10 12:04:28PM @lyrical-princess:
Right from the opening.. I knew I was going to enjoy this.. So much clarity in your vocals. Sung with such warmth.. And that's some very nice playing .. What a beautiful picture your lyrics paint... Really enjoyed my listen..

All The Best,


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