Even Close

album: Single
genre: Alternative Rock
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creation date: 2022-11-25

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"Even Close" produced by Jean Cabbie & The Secret Admirer Society. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Paco Barreras at Mistique Red Studios, San Juan,...
Even Close
08/14/23 10:35:54PM @moequinn:
@jeancabbie I love all of your music ~ but, at this present time in my life I need to RAWK & knock my socks off...& this does it for me...good driving music too
Juan & brother & rest of the band
musically Moe

tony cee
12/02/22 12:32:04PM @tony-cee:
nice rocky tune well mixed , great vacal top notch .....cheers tony cee
11/26/22 06:55:53PM @jeancabbie:
Thanks for the comments Farrell, Jim & Bill! Best Regards
Farrell Jackson
11/26/22 01:28:14PM @farrell-jackson:
Alright! This is the kind of rock that does it for me. Hard hitting right off the bat and then the harmony guitar riffs kick in and I'm reminded of the days of Led Zep. Cool lead vocal and harmonies followed by a just as cool guitar solo. A winner!
11/26/22 12:37:23PM @jimsae:
This is a supremely cool track! Not to mention a helluva tight band!
Bill B
11/25/22 07:05:31PM @spaceboy:
Nice tight mix of a well produced and written song with a smooth sharp edge. Enjoyable as I sit with my Friday night beer trying to get there... nearly.


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