Jim Easton
Jim Easton


album: Jesse James
genre: Folk-Rock
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09/29/11 03:37:28PM @david-c-deal:
Jim and Jesse, I just listened to your new mix. Frankly, the song is so captivating I forgot about the balance thing. This a song one could hear 100 times and still get the warm and fresh feeling with. You two have to make more music.. seriously.

09/28/11 06:30:16AM @bri-an:
....a distinctive timbre in Olivia's vocal delivery sets this toon apart from the next ....in this genre, The guitar playing (finesse) sets the scene as i am a huge fan of simplicity....when any more can be too much, this is hovering around the ka-ching mark with its topic and resolve.
What does it take these days for an artist to be recognized ? ..not a lot with the likes of a composition of this caliber.
Many a muso display themselves with an array of smoke N mirrors and audio deceptions...this?...this is an extreme reversal of that theory ..lol
wide open honesty in the performance.

09/28/11 06:25:26AM @the-autumleaf:
Love the song . The Guitars and the Vox is simply great. Excellent songwriting
Jay from The Autumnleaf

Mista Perez
09/27/11 10:20:59AM @mista-perez:
Good lord jim...this is a fantastic recording. The vocals are pristine and heart felt. This is so well recorded it seemed like you two were playing live at my home. Fantastic.
09/26/11 11:20:37PM @david-c-deal:
Spectacular vocal. Jim, that guitar sounds so incredibly "present". I don't know how you do it but another amazing recording.
09/26/11 05:48:11PM @dolce:
A fantastic song indeed. Strikes a chord from deep within. Beautiful. Simply beautiful.


09/27/11 08:01:03PM @buddrumming:
Very Kool song... very nice vocals... yes Jesse u are rockin on this tune... love the guitar work....:) Bud
10/07/11 11:43:30PM @gene-smith:
There are vocalists that spend years trying to be perfect. Then there are vocalists that have a natural gift to touch your heart and soul with a song. Those that make the song a part of your experience.

This is a very simple piece that will remain forever in my mind and that I will never tire of listening to. While I have listened to Jim before (with pleasure) the vocals here from Jesse are on another level! Every listen will make me close my eyes and take me to a better place.

As always Jim, very cool with the strings! Jesse, PLEASE give us more of that angelic voice! There is a truth there that we need to hear more often. Now to close my eyes and listen again!

Thank you both for the gift....

10/10/11 10:27:15PM @ocr-boys-bobby-g:
Got job and vocal to love the song Bobby g of OCR
09/27/11 09:41:15PM @tlt50:
Jimbo.... awesome musicianship,... the guitar work... just right,brilliant bro..!!! Raw ...full of emotion...perfectly...defining, the listening moment...!!! This is Olivia...I know on vocals.....such a rare talent... She delivers her soul...and amazing vocals...superbly...!!
Great track... :))) *****


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