Jim Easton
Jim Easton

Moroon 5-Secrets

album: Sally Greenwood, Jim Easton, Johnny Bravo
genre: World
streams: 804

  Song Information
Sally Greenwood- ac guitar voxJim Easton- vibes, guitar and bassJohnny Bravo- percussion 
Moroon 5-Secrets
03/16/12 05:40:46AM @kalola-kiss:
This is my favorite track of yours. I never tire of listening to this wonderful piece. Sally's voice adds that extra special something that makes this timeless & sensual! I simply can't say enough so will quit while I am ahead.
12/02/11 06:54:06PM @digger-stone:
Smoky, Hot, and steamy! this is sexy as hell...the music is a pro production but that voice gets my blood boiling!

really enjoyed this from front to back... sooooo....well done!


12/02/11 06:46:05PM @mizieya:
an amazing track
06/27/11 10:08:23PM @tlt50:
This is an amazing track....In all ways...:) Jimbo... send a message to Sally...: AwwwwwwwwwwwwwwOooooooooooooooooo !!

Maroon 5....the guitar played is from Lincoln Ne... I used to be amazed at his talents,,,,when he was just a youngin'...
Superb track.... Major talents by you all...:))

06/27/11 09:07:07PM @austn:
Awesome rendition... and Sally, your voice is Xplosive and fits the fire thats been stewed to bring this tune a fresh, Nu presence...Really, really creative N atmosphere of production...A winner all the way...~Austn
12/21/10 04:55:31AM @marie-dailly:
Superb!! So beautiful, Jim!
Sally's voice is to die for!
The music is to your usual astounding standard!
Running out of suitable superlatives!!

11/25/10 08:25:20PM @bigpete:
holy crap Batman I'm in love, lol, Jim you've done it again, beautiful and talented, as usual only the best from Abbeyville Studio, great performances, production, mix, just a classy track.
09/04/11 06:07:02PM @cooter:
As many times as I have enjoyed this on MixStream Radio, I can't believe I haven't left a review of this beautiful piece of work.

Outstanding vocals. The musicianship is stellar as always, Sir Jim. And that patented Abbeyville Road amazing sound. No matter how many times I hear this, it is always a joy listening. Wonderfully done by all involved.


11/25/10 01:13:19PM @miguel-a-wilder:
This is amazing. Sally sounds wonderful, and the moving melody in the music is really captivating.

Great collab.


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