Jim Easton
Jim Easton

Sweet Karmelle

album: Jam Session
genre: Funk
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Jim Easton OrganKenny Blekicki saxMarvin Taylor drumsLittle jam in the studio dedicated to my beautiful friend Karmelle 
Sweet Karmelle
11/16/11 03:58:16AM @endless-rotary:
Yes, enjoyable right from the start. I'm not a big fan of this type of organ sound but you play it well. I love the extra long stop before the sax comes with just the right note. The main problem is that it's too short...
11/08/11 01:11:09PM @cooter:
Sweet, indeed!

Got the organ working, the groove happening, and the saxophone in overdrive. I love it. Mix and production stellar as always, Sir Jim.

I would even go back into a bar to hear this band live.



10/23/11 02:02:45PM @tlt50:
Jimbo...fabulous work...:)) tremendous groove...brilliant playing, my friend. !~! As always superb...arranging and production.... Bravo...***** Great chops and tones and the Hammond...~~AwwwwwwwwOoooooooo 2...Uuuuuuuu..:))))
Mista Perez
10/21/11 09:39:28AM @mista-perez:
I love everytime when you come out with a track. There kis nothing better then listening to MUSIC with FEELING. It's a rare gem my friend. If my ears had teeth they would be smiling while listening to this.
10/20/11 12:10:20PM @bri-an:
Jim you handle that organ like it was part of....er....er...ah...man, you play with a lot of soul...ya, thats better. lol
Great groove/funk/ "dan" structure going on ...
excellent stuff all round...band is happening !

Lyrical Princess
12/29/11 05:04:03PM @lyrical-princess:
Your music is always so classy Jim.. Love what you've done here. Am so happy I had a little time to stop by. This is totally Amazing!! This is huge (giggle)

All The Best,
Lyrical Princess

10/22/11 01:21:57PM @chrickon:
What a great groove and playing on this track!! love the organ lines, very tasty.
Excellent all over!!
Enyojed very much!

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12/28/11 04:46:31PM @:
Woooooooo! Yeah man, this is a fine groove, boss. I love this piece here. Short & sweet...would love to hear more of this, but that is the beauty of a jam session. Just let whatever comes out just happen...love that, ha!


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