Jim Easton
Jim Easton

My Romance In Rome

album: Mixposure Colab
genre: Jazz
streams: 619

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Baracasa, wrote this piece and I was very  pleased to add the guitar parts-!! http://www.mixposure.com/BARACASA/
My Romance In Rome
09/26/10 11:34:02AM @the-ken-myers-project:
What a wonderful piece! Definitely romantic touches, and inspiring guitar licks. Reminds me of an Italian woman I used to pal around with. Keep up the good vibes!


06/04/10 10:48:00AM @josephrodz:
WOW! Great track and guitar tone,i always want to play like this.
04/21/10 03:02:02PM @bilbozo:
Romance in Rome...very appropriate title because this song is bellisimo ! Smooth jazz / R&B feel. Essence of love and mystery. Solid rhythm foundation by Baracasa with Jim adding all the icing on top. Man all that guitar fluidity amazes me each track I hear you play on. Enough smooth sweet sounds to make any listener Audio-Diabetic ! Fantastic collab, congrats to you both ! - Bilbozo
Incarnate Word
04/19/10 12:42:04PM @incarnate-word:
I heard this one the other night on the show. this is an Incredible piece. excellent arrangement and sound production is very good on this. excellent mix. this is killer. Are there any plans for vocals? just me I love it the way it is I would also like to hear the vocals added. excellent work.
04/18/10 08:49:46PM @gve:
Excellent work u 2! Beautiful tones and soothing sounds....love this one!
Reese Project
04/18/10 07:03:52PM @the-reese-project:
Immense talent here from both of you. Put in my Favorites and will listen often. Jim how about playing with us, anytime bro.
04/18/10 07:25:59AM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
I think this is the first time I have been able to review anything by that amiable chatster Mr Easton. This is very sweet music and serious envy over here at that guitar playing. Ah now I see it is a collaboration with Baracasa - great combination of course. Great listen. Perhaps I can induce Jim to play on one of mine!!! ftlpope
Mista Perez
04/16/10 07:05:38PM @mista-perez:
Fantastic intro. Fantastic follow up melody, excellent playing..this track has it all.
04/16/10 11:43:02AM @microjazz:
Nice track guys - I really enjoyed this!


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