Jim Sexton
Jim Sexton

Angel's Eye's

genre: Folk-Rock
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Angel's Eye's
12/13/07 06:01:47AM @mike-lynn:
I like this one Jim. Very pleasant with a catchy chorus. Your guitar works and recording quality are great as always.
12/12/07 01:47:08PM @michael:
I hear that Grateful Dead and maybe traveling wilberries good song my friend
12/11/07 09:33:35PM @surfnorthwest:
Beautiful song, it really is your own style which is good. I realy enjoyed it as yur voice comes of a bit like Tom Petty in the song.

If I could offer anything to you I would love to hear that with some steel slide guitar in the background

12/11/07 08:35:55PM @diva:
Those acoustic guitars are sweet! I think I would have dropped (or cut back) the heavy chorded electric guitar in the chorus (but keep the melody electric lines in the verses). Very neat song.
12/11/07 07:09:06PM @dazed:
love your sound Jim. Great lyrics and catchy melody line. vocals fit perfectly!
12/11/07 05:37:10PM @pyramis:
Oh ok,I get it now that I hear you singing the lyrics.It's "Angel's Eyes",
instead of Angle's Eye's. Was wondering,since I've never seen an angle with eyes.Pretty good tune in a Dead-Head sort of way.Nice mellow vibe.


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