Joe Funktastic
Joe Funktastic
Joe Funktastic

Sometimes It Snows in Georgia by Joe Funktastic

album: Joe Has The Blues
genre: Blues-Rock
streams: 40
creation date: 2023-11-07

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Sometimes It Snows in Georgia, many years ago, it did not. Please enjoy my BLUES-ROCK!
Sometimes It Snows in Georgia by Joe Funktastic
tony cee
11/12/23 04:18:55PM @tony-cee:
this is my kinda music , brill love it , great clear mix superb guitar work ,and love those drums , spot on .....cheers tony cee
carol sue
11/11/23 10:39:13AM @carol-sue:
Hey Joe,
Did you know that you sound great?
Well... you do! :) ***** Much enjoyed!

11/08/23 08:33:05AM @tristynleach:
Good instrumental very melodic playing . good piece that shows of your guitar skills to great effect, enjoyable and well constructed track
Farrell Jackson
11/07/23 11:48:41AM @farrell-jackson:
That is some wonderful clean tone, sustain and playing! Sounds like a Strat neck pickup. I really enjoyed this listen, Joe!


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