25 Hours

album: The Godsend Sessions
genre: Rock
streams: 77
creation date: 2012-03-12
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25 Hours Words and music by J. Gande © 2000 Dogtag Music BMI (Are you ready Joe?) They call me a bad man But that’s allright by me They...
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25 Hours by singer/songwriter/guitarist Joe Gande from the CD Joe Gande, The Godsend Sessions
25 Hours
carol sue
05/08/19 07:37:12AM @carol-sue:
Hi Joe! :)
Thanks for your recent visit, it's so great to see/hear you at Mixposure!
Wow, such an excellent tune~ Love, love, love it.. Bravo!! *****

Lady Dove
10/25/18 11:36:57AM @ladydove:
Always enjoy your music! You’re the real deal and it’s a good listen every time😎👍
10/27/17 06:10:17AM @robert-watson:
This song is awesome.
Lyrical Princess
03/08/16 03:47:21PM @lyrical-princess:
25 hours a day ? Really ? I don't think I love myself that many hours a day.. And people call me needy.. Sheesh...
All kidding aside... Wow!! You really have a Rockin' song here. Great delivery .. Sounds like a full on band on this. But I just read the info. You're incredible, Joe. Really good stuff here! Looking forward to more. Two thumbs up :)

All The Best,

02/25/16 07:07:36PM @joegande:
And thank you @josephrodz & @doug-dickens for downloading & playing my music on your Mixposure radio shows!! I really appreciate your support very much!
02/25/16 07:04:11PM @joegande:
Thank you all so so much @Tlt50 @Ebs @Lucindra.. for listening and for such kind comments! :) I really appreciate it!
09/25/15 08:25:55PM @tlt50:
Joe....I never realized ,you had music here. Do us all a favor and share some more....brotha'. This tune is brilliant....your vocals are the vibes...groove . Superb talents..... my friend. AwwwwwwwOoooooooooooSOME !!! Please...share a few more tune.... :D
03/17/12 04:34:14PM @lucindra:
Very cool !!.....and very soulful.....actually the best I've heard today.......the horn swells are spot on and the vocals seem sincere.....the deeper I listen the more I like.....I'm sure thats a fun one to do live....lots of room for a jam fest in the middle.....


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