Joel Brogon
Joel Brogon
Joel Brogon

Joel Brogon

album: Single
genre: Folk / Americana
streams: 12
creation date: 2024-06-21

  Song Lyrics
I can sense a stillness in the air / Kind of just hangin' there Suspended in time / It's not goin' anywhere I'm here alone / Silent as stars above Wonderin'...
  Song Information
"I Can’t See the Moon'' was composed during the pandemic and is ultimately a positive declaration of hope in the face of fear and uncertainty and speaks to...
Joel Brogon
Farrell Jackson
06/22/24 10:23:42AM @farrell-jackson:
The pandemic did bring about some interestingly good songs, like this one. I like hearing a cool folk song to offset the rock I listen to most of the time. This makes me realize how much I miss John Denver's presence in the world. Well done on the acoustic and vocals!
06/21/24 07:56:19PM @mizieya:
very tranquil track
Joel Brogon
06/21/24 06:17:41PM @joel-brogon:
06/21/24 02:22:47PM @kim-d-groff:
Fine Music!! On my Playlist my man!!!


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