Johanna Saint-Pierre - WHAT FOR (official video)

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this is the second single, original and new song from the french soul singer & keyboardist Johanna Saint-Pierre. She recorded What For in New-York City with the american producer Brian Bacchus.

Brand new EP "The NYC summer sessions" out now. Listen:

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Directed by Estelle Tonnet 
Edited by Hugo Mauro (Dexio Production) 
Head cameraman Jean-Joël Gbayoro
Camera assistant Léa Rodella 
Dancers Dylan Serin & Mickaël Lips 
the child is Joséphine Brambilla
Space Phare Jeunesse 

Produced by Brian Bacchus
Written by Johanna Saint-Pierre
Composed by Rémi Amblard & Johanna Saint-Pierre
copyright & publishing 2019 cat JSTP Music for Passport Songs Music
Label Lilihouse Music (NYC)

Lyrics "What For"
His destiny, brothers and sisters
A letter from the Governor, mother and father
What they said
I didn’t understand
I was sleeping in my dreamland
What for (bis)
He will leave, leave in October
Good times are over, for the family
All the government says
Is they need a soldier
And our fear, we better get over
What for (bis)
Our baby, gone to war
What have they done to us?
Our baby, has to fight
What have they done to us?
All day long, my mama was crying
Tears were falling, while we were praying
All through the night
But our hope was gone
When we watched him leaving at dawn
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Johanna is an independent soul, jazz funk and pop electro singer, songwriter, pianist, composer and musician who records and performs mainly between Paris and New York.

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#funk #groove #electro #dancers
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