Josephrodz,Pete Tebar - Nothing Can Bring Her Down

album: collab
genre: prog rock
streams: 68

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Music by: Josephrodz Lyrics & Vocals by: Pete Tebar
Josephrodz,Pete Tebar - Nothing Can Bring Her Down
11/18/21 11:28:05AM @shane:
I Quite like this track . Love your lead riffs . great sound. In a lot of ways, aspects in the music recall STYX. yep, love this 'Nothing can Bring her Down' .
07/25/20 12:46:37AM @freudian-slip:
Awesome production. I'm a Prog nut and this brings it bang up to date. Nice vox and harmonies, love the Wakeman-esque keyboard sound.Guitars are excellent too. Damn, this is clever stuff. Great job.
Gary Shukoski
07/24/20 11:58:02PM @gary-shukoski:
Did this song go away for a while and get reposted? I love this tune and would always make Joseph play it on the Metal Master show! Great job boys!
carol sue
11/13/17 07:37:39AM @carol-sue:
That's a gift~ Nothing can bring her down!! :)
11/11/17 02:10:48AM @kephas:
Great work guys!
11/08/17 08:50:37PM @erne:
Progressive it is. It shines. Quite the epic tune.....good going.


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