Josephrodz - I melt for you

album: Look up to the Sky
genre: new
streams: 41

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Another not mixed track for upcoming cd.
Josephrodz - I melt for you
Warrioth  and Rowley
03/15/21 11:32:18AM @warrioth-rowley:
wow,u great guitar - Viaduce
04/10/18 04:06:29PM @shane:
oh no ! bummer , it ended, ,, : ) have to run this again
04/10/18 04:05:30PM @shane:
Hey, Dude! i clicked on this number at random, cause i wanted to comment directly to you about your lead solo on Carol Sue's channel,,, track , You Turn me- i like the structure and musicality of your lead feature there- but , gee, equally like very much this energetic and beautiful creation , 'I melt For You' . i like alot about this one bro.
02/21/18 11:58:15AM @wricky:
awesome track front to back Sir Joseph! ~cheers!
Farrell Jackson
02/20/18 11:16:45AM @farrell-jackson:
A good instrumental with some cool guitar harmonies and a smokin' solo! The step up in tempo adds some tension to the a good way. Nice ending riff!
02/20/18 09:32:11AM @waveman:
loved the jump to hyper-speed, great playin jrod
carol sue
02/19/18 03:24:18PM @carol-sue:
Omg~ what a heart-throb!!
Looking forward to an autographed Cd of your upcoming album!
~BRAVO!! *encore*


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