Joseph Rodriguez - Summertime

album: Look up to the Sky
genre: Classic Rock
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From the new cd "Look up to the sky"
Joseph Rodriguez - Summertime
06/14/18 08:08:48AM @shane:
it's a lovely atmosphere you generate with this composition Joseph. a Happy number for sure. Tastefull melodic lead riff progressions. Beautiful tones on your lead guitar, and also the arpeggio guitar chords in the back. yeah again, excellent on those lead guitar phrases !!!!!!!!!!! (i hope you don't mind comparisons, to my ears and senses, this number , in your guitar tones and lead styles, brings to mind Crickon, mixpo artist.
05/11/18 04:33:41PM @tlt50:
Yes Indeed, a feel-good vibe. Sweet chord progression and your melodic chops are fabulous, J-Bro :)

Larry T

05/11/18 01:13:53PM @josephrodz:
Thanks guys for those kikazz comments!
carol sue
05/11/18 11:21:29AM @carol-sue:
Hey, I know those guys! :)
Absolutely love this, Joseph!!
~Bravo!!~ ::encore::

05/10/18 11:54:55PM @wricky:
Here , with music only , you convey an uplifting sense of just being yourself and playing it out. ~cheers JR ,sometimes people misinterpret words and lyrics but you can't misunderstand good musical phrasing 👍
05/10/18 05:56:07PM @ronbowes:
Very upbeat, jolly sound. Which I wasn't expecting. Top notch track with top notch playing.
Farrell Jackson
05/10/18 05:02:20PM @farrell-jackson:
Excellent Joseph in all aspects of songwriting and playing!



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