Josephrodz , The TrueVulgarians - Shut Up & Kiss Me

album: collab
genre: Classic Rock
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Shut- up and Kiss Me Verse oneI was drawn to a strong-headed woman, not afraid to speak her mind.But after a couple of weeks, it was happening all the...
Josephrodz , The TrueVulgarians - Shut Up & Kiss Me
06/11/20 12:26:09PM @josephrodz:
Many Thanks to @the-truevulgarians for the amazing vocals.
06/09/20 04:50:29PM @lorne-reid:
Always superb quality of musicianship and content when you have The JROD and the TV connected! Super solid tune!
06/09/20 04:32:45PM @josephrodz:
Thanks you all for the nice comments, really appreciated a lot!
06/08/20 12:11:55PM @ronbowes:
Cool track guys. Top drawer! ;-)
06/07/20 11:39:52AM @bad-love-junkie:
This songs got some real grit to it. Vocals lead and backing are outstanding and I'm so digging on those lyrics. Joseph guitar work is so dam good on this. Beautiful solo Joseph. Great to hear a southern rock track. Really enjoyed this one!

carol sue
06/06/20 11:54:16AM @carol-sue:
Dang, I wish I had wrote this one,lol
You guys.. this is really a great tune!
Top performance from each of you~ so-right-on!
Bravo!! *****

Farrell Jackson
06/06/20 11:31:24AM @farrell-jackson:
Back for another listen with fresh ears and it's even more enjoyable the second time around!
06/05/20 12:20:17PM @kephas:
Great work guys!
Gary Dabrowski
06/05/20 11:18:50AM @gary-dabrowski:
very good guys!...(I'll have to look up 'elocution')
06/05/20 11:04:42AM @ron-dadey:
That was great!!
06/05/20 09:58:51AM @david-c-deal:
Hey Guys, this is superb! The lyrics are fun and Joseph's incredible musicianshp with Bill's vocals just work perfectly. More of these please!
Farrell Jackson
06/05/20 09:47:44AM @farrell-jackson:
This is top shelf Southern Rockin' fellas! Some fine lyric and excellent vocal Bill. Great work on the backing vox Joseph and your guitar playing is as sharp as ever. If it had some Muscle Shoals horns in there I would think you went down to Alabama. I really enjoyed this one guys!



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