Brotherhood - Josephrodz, Kephas

album: collab
genre: collab
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Brotherhood - Josephrodz, Kephas
09/11/20 11:39:13AM @kephas:
Awesome production Joseph!

Thank you for allowing me to be on this awesome track!

carol sue
08/22/20 09:14:49PM @carol-sue:
Sure would like to see the Mixposure classics category.
I just know this song would be in there. I have enjoyed hearing this so many times over the years.
Most excellent players, congratulations once again, guys! Bravo! *****

Frank Northcutt
08/13/20 09:20:03AM @frank-northcutt:
Really nice, Joseph and Kephas. Just like Carlos and Neal trading off.
Gary Dabrowski
08/10/20 08:35:16PM @gary-dabrowski:
nice groove...nice guitar pickin'...I like it!


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