Kingstorm - World's Insane

album: Kingstorm - Kingstorm
genre: Classic Rock
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Josephrodz - Music & Production Ron Bowes - Vocals & Lyrics José Ruíz - Drums ©2021 all rights reserved
Kingstorm - World's Insane
07/16/21 04:24:42AM @shane:
You know you whipped up a good track , if people actually come to hear it more than just the once.
My 3rd time back to hear Kingstorm . Your lyrics here, are too correct nowadays. Seriously, not joking, the masses of people are totally fluffheads now.

Queen Regina
07/15/21 03:38:37PM @queen-regina:
This song demands the listen. It Rocks in every way, every note, every beat, every word of excellently constructed lyricism and spoken truth. I love it. Well done. Sometimes rock pounds the message harder. Obrupt. Just truth. The world is insane. But music speaks truth & helps us cope with the insanity. #QueenReginaPickHit #IndieRockHit2021 it has my vote.
07/15/21 09:16:54AM @nebulon:
You can make the pressure, this is not the kind of music I'm used to listen but I can hear it's well produced...The song above this one in the list is better than this one in my opinion.
If I'd loved rock music I would enjoy it more, but like I said this is well done and have style.
Lol have you killed a TB303 around 2:00 ? ^_^
Are you doing this kind of saturated whisle ? Electric guitar ?
The end of the song is the best part of it in my opinion.
The drummer/beat is also excellent.
I love the way the song pass out in the end.
A brutal "stop" is often used in this genre of music isn't it ?
ttyl maybe ?

06/22/21 08:31:28AM @shane:
J-Rod , cool track here. Dynamic Vibrant vocal RON, GREAT music Joseph and Ron. Actually i really like the music construction, Go Rodriguez ! - also, throughout , i was noticing the drums sound particularly EXCELLENT. Compliments to Jose on drums.!
Michael Slider
06/15/21 03:21:41PM @slider:
i love what you guys are doing !!!
Gary Dabrowski
04/18/21 08:46:40PM @gary-dabrowski:
04/14/21 10:31:17AM @josephrodz:
Thanks so much for the comments, really appreciated - @farrell-jackson, @jimsae, @tony-cee, @warrioth-rowley, @avmo
04/13/21 07:29:32PM @avmo:
Cool solos! Haven't heard a drum solo in a song in a while.
04/12/21 06:57:01PM @ronbowes:
Warrioth and Rowley:
We love this song Ron B/Joseph!!Really rocks!!
This world IS insane!!

Thankyou most kindly @warrioth-rowley

Warrioth  and Rowley
04/12/21 11:50:05AM @warrioth-rowley:
We love this song Ron B/Joseph!!Really rocks!!
This world IS insane!!

04/12/21 05:06:28AM @ronbowes:
Thanks @jimsae and @tony-cee . The 3 of us were pleased with how this turned out ;-)
tony cee
04/11/21 04:25:33PM @tony-cee:
love it great rocker , brill collab well done joe and ron .......cheers tony cee
04/11/21 10:21:16AM @jimsae:
Top notch rocker guys! Fantastic indeed, gotta agree with Farrell!
04/10/21 05:55:59PM @ronbowes:
Thanks Farrell - I am guessing you like it :-p Cheers cuz!
Farrell Jackson
04/09/21 12:32:12PM @farrell-jackson:
F***ing fantastic Kingstorm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your songs just keep on getting better and better!


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